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雷竞技raybet手机网页 has been providing Hazardous Location and Explosion Proof HVAC equipment for industry since the 1960’s.   In the 40+ years since, CCC equipment has been proven reliable and robust in difficult applications around the world.  From our offices and production facility in Houston, TX, our staff prides itself on providing innovative, durable, cost-effective solutions for our client’s specific applications.

CCC offers a full complement of customized and Third Party Listed HVAC solutions for both the U.S. National Electric Code (NEC) market and International (IEC Ex / ATEX) market.  Our NEC Division One, Division Two and IEC Zone 2 HVAC (ATEX) product lines include:

Wall Mount Air Conditioners

Window Units (Through-the-Wall Air Conditioners)

Building Pressurization Units

Hazardous Duty and Explosion Proof Exhaust Fans and Purge Blowers

Packaged Air Conditioners - for Pad or Roof Mounting

Explosion Proof Heaters

Refrigeration Units


Split Systems

Chemical Filtration Systems (Deep Bed Scrubbers)

Explosion Proof Fans


Units are available for both 50 Hz. and 60 Hz. power supplies.  Options include:

  • Severe Duty Coating Packages for Cabinets and Coils, featuring the Blygold PoluAl XT coating system for coils and copper.  This is the best-developed and supported coil coating system in the world, and stands up very well in high H2S and SO2 atmospheres.
  • Stainless Steel Cabinets
  • Lead/Lag Controls
  • Interface to Customer Alarm Panels
  • Fresh Air Intake Stacks

Applications Include:

  • Blast Resistant Buildings
  • Switchgear Buildings
  • Analyzer Shelters
  • RIE and DCS Buildings
  • Driller’s Cabins
  • Living Quarters
  • Break Rooms
  • Guard Shacks
  • Cold Storage Areas
  • Missile Test Facilities

Blygold America

Blygold Houston

"Licensed Blygold Applicator"


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CCC is capable of providing equipment that meets nearly any industry standard, including,Division 2 Hazardous Duty HVAC, Division 1 Explosion Proof HVAC, Zone 2 HVAC, ATEX  and IEC Ex HVAC, and many other severe duty applicatoins.

  • Thru the wall units
  • Wall Mounts
  • Split Systems
  • Ductless Split Systems
  • Heat Pumps
  • Chillers
  • Packaged Units
  • Cabinet Coolers
  • Chemical Filtration
  • Variable Speed Drive Pressurization and Purging per NFPA496.
  • Complete, skid mounted turnkey packages